How do I apply for a loan?

How do I submit a loan application?
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  • You apply for a loan directly on our website here, the whole process is done online.

    1. Apply for a loan
    In the first step of the process you tell us how much you want to borrow, for how long and verify your identity with Bank ID (required). In this step we also perform a credit check through UC. In this process we also need some information about you and your loan, for example your employment, monthly income etc. You also fill in your bank details on how the loan should be paid out and sign a preliminary agreement. To fill out the application takes approximately 3 minutes.

    2. Receive your offer
    When you have completed your application you will (given that you pass our basic criterias) receive a preliminary offer based on your chosen duration of the loan, size of the loan and your credit history.

    3. Your loan is processed
    When your application has been completed it is processed by our credit team. This usually takes around an hour (depending on the time of the day). You can view the status of your application on Mina sidor.

    4. Your loan is paid out
    If your application is approved, your loan is paid out. If you chose direct transfer the loan will be in your account the same minute that we approve the loan.

    5. Repayment of your loan
    Your first repayment is done the same month your loan is paid out. The notification is visible on Mina sidor every month by latest the 15th. Payment should be made by the last day of the month.

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